Why form an Academy?

The schools in the UK that we want to engage with are often too hard-pressed to deal with single companies.

The Academy offers those schools a compelling, one-stop contact point for the entire Real estate and Real assets industries. This makes it more likely that we can form relationships with these schools and, in turn, engage with their students via our programme of virtual and physical events.

As we aggregate our members’ resources, skills, and enthusiasm, the scope to help large numbers of students, both socially and financially, starts to become really meaningful.

The Academy is a social impact business that pays no dividend and which measures success by the quality and consistency of the impact it has on disadvantaged students through its members.

The Academy's principles

We believe we make the greatest possible difference to the disadvantaged students we are seeking to help, at the lowest, sustainable cost, by running ourselves as a social impact business whose guiding principles are:

  • to show all students , particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, that the Real Estate and Real Assets’ world cares about them and is determined to help them make the most of their lives;
  • to help disadvantaged students by introducing them to members ‘ colleagues and opportunities across the breadth of the Real estate and Real Assets’ worlds;
  • to offer those members many and varied opportunities to do good and make a significant social impact on UK students from some of the most disadvantaged backgrounds and areas in our country;
  • to deliver creative , imaginative and effective programmes and events to our members so that they can execute , or supplement, at low annual cost , the “S” of their “ESG” strategy;
  • via our Youth Board and Network, to offer the younger colleagues of our members the opportunity to shape and execute the Academy’s social impact engagement opportunities and to make useful business connections with their peer group;
  • to adopt best business practice in how we treat , reward and deliver for our staff , our members and our partners ;
  • to distribute any sustainable surplus in accordance with the wishes of the Editorial Board and in the spirit of the above principles;
  • to be transparent - any member can at any time ask to see The Academy accounts and/ or attend as visitor an Editorial Board meeting.

Why “Real Assets?”

One of the unique aspects of the Real Assets’ and Real Estate worlds is that there is opportunity for those with a range of skills, from the academically most gifted to those whose talents lie elsewhere.

This makes us uniquely well-placed, and uniquely responsible, to reach out to students from all backgrounds and educational achievement to help, advise and explain to them these opportunities.

As an industry we are determined to widen access and increase diversity.

The Academy, through the efforts of its members, will make a major contribution to this.

The "S" in the ESG"