The Academy Members

  • Will have a direct influence over the philanthropic ambitions we pursue and prioritise;
  • Will fund and actively participate in the initiatives , virtual and physical that will have such an impact;
  • Will help decide the type of events we hold and the speakers we invite and hear from.
  • Members can support their commercial interests alongside The Academy‚Äôs philanthropic objectives, for example through widening, diversifying and enhancing their own recruitment pool and making useful new connections at our regular events.

So, as a member of The Academy, what would my role be?

Firstly you could feel proud to be part of a body that is helping really large numbers of students from under- served and under-privileged schools. You will be helping them learn more about a career in Real Estate, Real Assets and Investing.

Second, you might want to appear in one of the virtual and/or physical events with participating schools.

Third, you might be asked to fulfil a follow-up request from one of the schools. This might involve a visit to a school, some light-mentoring, a virtual event or an office visit.

Making an Impact

As an Academy member you will:

Offer visible, practical, measurable support to large number of students from under-served UK state schools, provide intangible benefits to students, while giving them confidence.

Help widen, and diversify, access to our industries by engaging with students of all academic capabilities and not just those destined for further education.

Show your passion for the world around you and the practical steps you are taking to improve it.

Foster and strengthen a culture of giving by offering a number of your employees the opportunity to make a practical and worthwhile social contribution.

Enhance your brand externally and internally, as The Academy continues to build momentum and diversity our philanthropic initiatives to increase our impact.

Establish interesting, and useful, connections at our Member events.

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