Schools Register Here...
for essay competition and live broadcasts and events to help your students learn more about a career in property and investing

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Schools Register Here...
for essay competition and live broadcasts and events to help your students learn more about a career in property and investing

Essay Prize 2021/22 in association with Speakers for Schools

About Speakers for Schools

The essay competition is in partnership with educational equality charity Speakers for Schools. Speakers for Schools aims to end educational inequality by giving young people access to the same networks as the top fee-paying schools in the UK through inspirational talks and work placements.

An amazing opportunity for your students to be published in their own book and, globally, to over 3 million readers

What do your students need to do?

Complete 800 words starting with "The town of the future will..."

Your students can write in any form they see fit: essay, short story, poem etc as long as it is no more than 800 words.

Any of your students from Year 11 upwards can enter. The entries from each school should be submitted in one batch to The Academy at by the teacher contact and each student entry should be in Word form giving the name and age of each student.

What should they write about?

The entries should address the theme of the title but how the student addresses it, is up to them. They could write about issues that are important to them or about issues that they would like to draw attention to.

What are the prizes?

All prize-winning entries will be published in a special dedicated book sent to over 2,000 UK schools plus participating students and the members of The Academy of Real Assets. Some of the winners will also be published by The Property Chronicle, a leading Global publication with over 3 million social media followers. Depending on the quality of the entrants up to 50 essays could be published.

All students that enter will have the further opportunity to connect with and/or discuss career / further education options with an Academy member , all of whom are leading figures from the property and investing worlds ( see for list of members).

The winning students , their schools and their teacher will be published to a global readership.

This is a really great opportunity for your school and its students to achieve something few ever achieve - to get published!

How to enter?

There is no cost to enter. All you need to do is register your school and contact person at The Academy website here . We will then get back to you.

Each teacher must submit the entries of their students to . The individual entries must be in Word form . When you submit your entries make sure you include the names of the students and the school in your submission.

Please note you will be signing up to a third party and will have to agree to their T's & C's.

What is the timetable?

You can enter your students right up to the end of December 2021.

What do I need to do next?

Simply register at and then start getting your students to think about their possible entries….this is a amazing opportunity for them and one that will really help them in any job application and/or further education statement. It will be a great advertisement for your school and the teaching staff if your students are published in this way.

For more information, or please call 07768 860359.