The Book Competition

Showcase your creative talent, and get published

The Academy’s National Book Competition occurs annually during the academic year. It is designed to encourage students from across the UK to “have a go" and enter a short essay, blog, or story. Each year we will publish a book with these student submissions and send it to 3,000 schools, leading employers, universities, and the media.

The Book Competition 2022

In 2022, the Academy held their first National Book Competition, asking students from schools around the country to write an essay completing the prompt 'The Town of the Future will...'.

These student essays are presented alongside with responses from Academy members, industry leaders across the Real Assets and Real Estate field, in a fascinating, optimistic and considered collection of views about the challenges and opportunities facing our world.

Click the book to read the essays, or visit here.

Book Launch Party

On Friday 15th July, we were delighted to officially launch our first annual Academy of Real Assets book. The event at Schroders was a huge success and we were so pleased to welcome many of the 30 students who submitted essays to our annual book competition, as well as many of our members.

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Put your imagination to the test

Get your essay published

A once in a life time opportunity to get your creative essay published in a book. The book will be distributed to schools across the UK, top universities, and employers within industry.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

As mentioned The Academy would like to encourage all students “to have a go”, there is no right or wrong!

Build your portfolio

All students who submit an essay will get a certificate of participation issued by The Academy. You will have something different to show to boost your CV, making you stand out in future applications, especially if you get published.

How to participate in The Book Competition in four simple steps

Sign up and register to receive information about the 2022/2023 Book Competition.

STEP 1: Sign up to participate

For Students - please complete the application form to register for the 2022/2023 Book Competition.

For Teachers who would like to sign up your school/college's participation for the 2022/2023 Book Competition complete the form.

STEP 2: Follow the Next Steps

Shortly after submitting one of the forms to participate in the 2022-2023 Book Competition, you will receive a confirmation for The Academy via email. Check your inbox regularly, including your spam box, to find out the next steps on how to participate and submit your creative essay(s).

STEP 3: Write up your Creative Essay

Write up your creative essay of no more than 800 words, it can be a poem, song, essay etc. On the topic of, “The Town of the Future will...”

STEP 4: Submit your Essay

Once you are happy with your essay, submit it before the given deadline and wait for your confirmation to hear about next steps.