Our Engagement Programmes for Students

Kickstart your career in Real Assets with The Academy

At The Academy we stand for increasing access, diversity, and intellectual curiosity amongst UK schools and students by connecting you to some of the country’s leading Real Estate and Real Assets firms. We do this through our core engagement programmes.

Dedicated to delivering our philanthropic mission, at The Academy we understand that in order to have a meaningful social impact it takes time, commitment, and a long-term approach to achieve this. That is why we are a “can do”, entrepreneurial team focused on maximising the social impact our members have by pooling efforts and resources through The Academy to bring you our fun, creative, and engaging initiatives you can get involved with.

Get involved with The Academy’s Engagement Programmes

The Coffee Broadcasts

Curious about a Career in Real Estate and Property?

Tune into The Academy’s Coffee Broadcasts series delivered throughout the academic year. Explore and learn about the various career opportunities you can embark on in Real Estate and Property, and how you can break into the industry.

The Book Competition

Showcase your creative talent, and get published!

The Academy’s National Book Competition occurs annually during the academic year. It is designed to encourage students from across the UK to “have a go" and enter a short essay, blog, or story. Each year we will publish a book with these student submissions and send it to 3,000 schools, leading employers, universities, and the media.